Canadian car

$46 Billion exports-Is there any Canadian car? I did some research on it.

Japanese cars, Korean Cars, American Cars, Canadian ca……

I immigrated to Canada a few years back ever since I came here I was always wondering if there are any Canadian car brands.

In order to find out the number of automotive professionals in Canada, I used a LinkedIn ad platform. I did this as I was wondering if there is a shortage of professionals that Canada needs to build their own car in Canada. My search told me that we are having more than 24000 professionals in Canada in the automotive sector.

Approx. 2.4 million Vehicles were exported from Canada in 2016 which produced approximately 48 Billion dollars for Canada. So, of course, Canada is not weak in Manufacturing, specifically in automotive.

Which car belongs to which country?

Toyota — japan


Volkswagen -Germany

Ford- the US

Honda- Japan

PSA- France

Hyundai- Korea

Suzuki- Japan

Canada- Nothing…

There are other countries also in the automotive race such as Spain, Romania, Mexico, all these countries are having their own car brands than why not Canada? Canada is strong in manufacturing, Canada is having a number of required professionals, Canada is having money, Canada is having all the resources required to build a Canadian car brand then why not Canada?

Another thing coming to your mind would be that the startups won`t become successful because giants won`t allow them to succeed but the facts are telling something different. Take the example of Tesla.

Tesla started in 2003 and with the help of millions of dollars from the US government, Tesla became successful and all across the world, people are buying Tesla. So, Canadian car companies can also become successful if it will come into play.

This all started with my curiosity to find out if there any Canadian car brand or not and my search ends here. I was not able to find any Canadian car brand which is in a common people`s budget. I found a few cars in a very expensive range such as $600,000. There is also a great Canadian car history and I am wondering why those brands were not able to sustain the change of the passing time. Canadian Automotive manufacturing started in the 1800s. There is proof that Canadian car companies or Canadian automotive manufacturers can do a lot but maybe with the help of the govt. I am not sure of that as I am not into politics.

what I’m saying is, there should be a Canadian car brand, if we are so strong in manufacturing. We are exporting that much then why can’t we take part in the car manufacturing race. There should be some car brands from Canada. People would love to buy that, I’m going to be the one who will buy that if it will ever come into existence. What do you think about this? Did I miss something?