This is a short version of my story

It took me more than 16 years to reach where I am right now. i.e More than 5840 days/More than 100,000 hrs of hard work. When I started I did not know clearly where I am headed! Yes, I did not know but I kept going.

I started my journey in the early 2000s(officially but was in it always) with an online book store(e-commerce) in a small town. How I sourced the suppliers to supply the books and how I found the development company to build a website for that business is a story in itself. But for now, what I can tell you is that the internet speed was a few kbps at that time and I did not have my own PC. The things were not in my favor but I still took my chance. I took that venture off the ground on my own but fell flat, the timing and the place were not right.

I failed so many times after that but I never stopped and my mom never stopped supporting me. Yes, she was always with me and still is. She was my bank when I did not even have my personal bank account.

I loved/hated the buffering but there was no option but I used to go to cybercafes (if you are not from that era or if you have not seen one oh! You missed the fun) and researched for hours on what was going on around the world in business.

Intentionally/Unintentionally I tuned my brain in such a way that ideas kept popping in my head and I kept pursuing those.

There were 2 of my best buddies who used to encourage me with all of my crazy ideas. I bored them with my craziness but they always motivated me and kept me going. The irony, they are still my friends.

Lessons here:

  • Give your idea a chance.
  • Taste failure as early as possible.
  • A support system can keep you going.
  • Timing and placement are really important for any business.

Although failures loved me, I beat them and made my way up.

Until now I have launched many software products and service businesses and still successfully pursuing those. This shows that perseverance can turn around the things in your favor.

This whole process of failing and succeeding taught me many skills like marketing, branding, growth strategies, and a lot more. For sure, this process has also made me realize what I can do and who I am:

I am an imperfectionist who loves to create.

The imperfection has made to go after the opportunities as soon as I see one without thinking for weeks/months/years. Yes, thinking, researching are important but overthinking can result in a full stop.

This is who I am in a short/lengthy way.

I don’t know everything and never will be able to know. If you want to know what I know and want to grow together you can listen to me via my podcast, watch me on my youtube channel, read me mostly on my blog on this website.