Amazon prime tips to do business in the Netflix way

There are many Netflix versions like Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. but why do we still, Netflix? (Don’t you?)

Here are some of the data to prove the liking:

Netflix has over 193 million annual subscribers worldwide as of April 2020 and 73 million in the United States.

There can be many reasons to like Netflix, maybe due to the lovely interface or the content is great but there are many other technical details behind the liking as well such as branding, product design, content quality, etc.

The reasons for the liking of Netflix have been noticed by Amazon, and you can say that copied too in some ways.

Is Amazon copying Netflix design concepts? Let’s find out.

Netflix changed the movie game many years back.

Since the beginning, the design has been their core strength which many have also tried to replicate and are still doing.

Take an example of Amazon Prime, they have experimented with various designs in their product but have struggled and are now replicating the designs of Netflix, one at a time.

These are a couple of the examples-

Netflix accounts
Netflix accounts
  • The accounts option during the launch of the application was missing in Amazon but Netflix had it and now Amazon has it too.
Netflix play mode
Netflix play mode
  • Forward and backward functionality within the content was very poor as it was sliding very fast and did not give any option to see or choose the frame but Netflix had it and it was great and now, Amazon has it too.
  • Netflix has well-built search functionality with accuracy but Amazon prime`s search is not that accurate and often shows irrelevant results.

Some of the differentiating factors-

Netflix does not believe in the rating system as this is what we have seen until now but Amazon believes in it which they pull from their other platform IMDB.

Netflix has more data points then the amazon because if you have noticed they have a percentage match as a criterion to suggest the new piece of content. (remember- 90% match text on the top?)

In the case of Amazon, the user has to rely on the ratings given by other people but Netflix recommends the content based on your liking.

Netflix recommendations
Netflix recommendations

This is something new from Netflix to recommend the content, so let’s see if this will get duplicated by ….(you know what I mean)

Finally, Amazon tips to do business in the Netflix way:

  1. If you are an early mover you have a risk to be copied but this should not stop you.
  2. The farther you are in your business journey, you will help the competitors to avoid the pitfalls. But the lessons learned by you are going to be invaluable.
  3. If you will become the habit of your customer first, it is very unlikely that your customers will go to someone else because it is hard to break the habits.
  4. Everything else matters in the business but the product matters the most.
  5. The value in the product can create opportunities for the competitors which in this case is the content. Weak content can push customers to competitors.

You can Copy Netflix but you cannot solve what they have already solved.

Let’s watch Netflix!